Ludlow, KY was founded in 1846 and is a suburb of Covington, KY and Cincinnati, OH. It was known for its rail station and was home to the Ludlow Lagoon Amusement Park. Ludlow is a great little town with many shops and friendly people. I shot a lot in Ludlow, so I am going to split it into sections.

The "Incinerator"

Not actually an incinerator, rather an abandon crematorium. The crematorium is on the edge of a walking/biking trail.

Trendy Treasures Boutique

Owned by Tammy, a sweet woman who sells a mixture of furniture, clothing, knickknacks, vintage items, etc. Whatever you can think of, I'm sure she has it. Sadly, her store closed in November of 2015.

Gourd Workshop

The gourd workshop happened at the Folk School Coffee Parlor and was hosted by Gene. Besides being a fantastic artist with gourds, Gene also owns the 230 Elm Antiques & Vintage. During the gourd workshop, Gene went over some steps about how to properly work with a gourd and some warnings about things, like the smell. People then gathered to the back patio of the coffee parlor to get started.

Second Sight Spirits

Second Sight Spirits is an artisan distillery, focused on bringing the art of hand crafted distilling back to Northern Kentucky.

Circus Mojo

Circus Mojo is a youth and adult circus arts program, where physical skills such as juggling, balancing, uni-cycling and stilt walking come together with creative expression such as improvisation, character development and group performance.

Right to Left - Rosa Groll & Kira Haid

Kate Matthey

Right to Left - Kira Haid & Rosa Groll

Manuel "Manny" Garcia

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