Purple Pixie

Another set of photographs for my series on gender roles, but once again they didn't seem to fit with the others. Enjoy them though! Thank you for the help, Ana Butcher.

Worm Woman

These photographs were meant to be a part of my series on gender roles, however they did not seem to fit in. Enjoy them nonetheless! Thank you for the help, Lindsay McCarty.

Like a Clockwork Orange

In my Advanced Concepts class, we were assigned to do a project based around a clockwork orange. I decided to use mice from my local pet store. Thank you for the help, Nicole Norman.

Failure of a Day

This day was just not my day. I attempted to embroider something for my series I am working on, and I did not succeed. I also happened to almost knock over my soft box, I caught it and ended up scrapping the top of my foot with the leg of the stand.

Cincinnati Mills

The Cincinnati Mills is a semi-abandoned mall. There are still three stores open in it and the public are free to roam. I took my two friends, Scott Sanker and Nicole Norman, and as we explored I was able to get a variety of photos.

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